This write up is purely autobiographical. This may be a lesson for others. Let’s get to know what this 21-year-old girl wants to say. She is Vishaka. A girl who possesses immense potential to grab or learn as quickly as she can. You know what prevents her? Procrastination.

Vishaka has successfully completed her bachelor’s degree and is now pursuing her Masters. She is a girl like anyone else out there, that is, she is flawed. She is adamant, stubborn and what not?

Vishaka could make the tables turn with her criticism as sharp as a razor and also, she is as sweet as honey. Vishaka is from a middle-class family, where her parents toil to make the ends meet. She is deprived of nothing, her parents had given her almost everything she wants, but there is something she couldn’t wear it on sleeves. It’s confidence.

Though she had a sound education, she isn’t confident enough to take up new endeavors. Even if she encounters a challenging task, she wouldn’t make efforts because of procrastination and fear. Almost everyone around her tried cheering her up but ended in vain. She was torn into bits and pieces, because of this and she also couldn’t decide anything with an iron will.

Her mind wandered like anything. Either she must decide what she wants or listen to others around her, but would anyone listen to others, especially a stubborn girl? Hence, all she got was frustration. She tries hard to change things around her, but cannot. Another flaw. Intolerance to accept changes, even if they are better for her. Finally, when she knew what she wanted, her parents were reluctant to make her pursue it.

One must understand something from this. Her parents sacrificed their lives for her, but what they missed was understanding of their daughter. Neither they nor Vishaka was able to do what is essential. This is clearly a middle-class issue which needs attention. At present, Vishaka is doing her Masters just because her parents paid the college fee. There is constant depression and she fights hard to overcome these.

Hope she becomes more of a fighter to accept what destiny is about to give her. As I said earlier, this is from someone who handles the same kind of issue at present. Girls who are yet to have a say in future, be clear of what you want and what will suit them best. Never make hasty decisions and worry later. Have fantastic times ahead!

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