Have you ever wondered why there is a stigma attached to Men being Strong and Women being Soft? Most of the times our society expects us to be soft and beautiful, but not strong! Why? Has it failed to realize that there is strength in softness? As we grow we tend to learn many things. We learn to know that, there are distinct differences between females and males. One of the most common things that everyone knows is, Men are Strong and Women are soft.

Why do we consider Men as Strong and Women as Soft?

The age-old lifestyles of women and men had an impact on them. Women were kept inside their houses most of the time. They did not get a chance to know the world beyond those four walls. She was born, trained to live soft and silent, died without knowing the real world. While the men, on the other hand, went for war, fought for existence, established colonies and ruled.

Biologically, the male bodies have strong muscles and greater bone density. The levels of hormones like Testosterone are comparatively higher in males than females. Estrogen, on the other hand, is found in abundance in the female bodies which makes them soft. This is why men are physically strong than women.

Brave women have their softness
on the surface and their toughness in the middle.

Softness is not a weakness

People often consider those who are soft-hearted can be sensitive, fragile and over emotional. They also think that these people are afraid to face hard things in life, and will find ways to escape facing reality. But these all are wrong. Soft-hearted people are not fools. Just because they forgive people and take things easily doesn’t make them weak. Indeed these make them stronger than ever before. Hard-hearted people often think themselves as superior to those with soft-hearted. But they fail to realize that they are making themselves as fools. Imagine water, a soft fluid that has the power to wear away hard rocks. Being soft and flexible will never make you weak. So never feel ashamed of being soft and tender. You may look weak but you are not!

Strength in Softness

Have you been taught that you should not speak loud in public, you should not walk this way, talk this way…blah blah! I understand that any one of this occurrence would have happened or maybe all! But, has this stopped you from being strong? No! Nothing can stop you from being strong. Being soft doesn’t mean that you are weak and fragile. There is strength in softness. We often see many people complaining about being soft-hearted and helpful to others.

Dear people, being strong in this cruel world itself is a sign of strength. It is just that you haven’t realized the strength in softness. Being strong doesn’t mean that you have to fight someone or win a battle. The word strong is not only related to physical strength but also the mental strength that you have. Strength in Softness can look like opposites but trust me they are connected.

Softness is the New Strength

It is very important for a person to understand their strength and weakness. Often people consider their weakness as their strength and their strength as their weaknesses. That is one of the main reason that people tend to forget that there is a Strength in Softness.

  • Strength is not in giving people tough times but in facing those and helping others.
  • Strength is not in the power to fight others but to be kind to the needs of others.
  • Strength is not in heavy lifting but having the ability to lift someone’s life up.
  • Strength is not in committing mistakes but in accepting and changing yourself.
  • Strength is not in bodybuilding but in building your emotional power.
  • Strength does not come only from the physical body but comes from the soft and compassionate heart.

Being soft-hearted is like bamboo in a storm. You will be flexible and the storm can’t have any effects on you. But the storm can have a drastic impact on hard trees which might break just because it doesn’t know to bend and yield. This is why I say there is Strength in softness.

Why should you experience Strength in Softness at least once In your lifetime?

You must have passed a long way to stand here. Somewhere, someday, someone might have convinced you that this world is cruel to those who are sensitive and soft. That might have made you think that softness is a weakness. Every one of us are born with softness in our hearts. Due to some reason, you might have built a strong concrete wall to help your heart from getting hurt, thinking that you are all safe and secure. But when you realize being soft is strong you would feel shattered. So stop building walls surrounding the soft heart of yours. When you realize that there is a Strength in Softness,

  • You tend to make reasonable decisions.
  • You become more humane.
  • You understand the real you.
  • You are more natural and soft.

Finally, this softness in you will boost your strength and confidence.

Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.

-Yasmin Mogahed

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