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It is time to stop bragging about being busy

There were days when having loads of leisure time, despite work, was seen as a status. People valued and undoubtedly saved time for their family and chief hobbies. They never worried about being busy.

The proper person who had time to do business and had time to spend for himself was indeed seen as a role model.

People genuinely wanted a life like that.

The False Identity

Things have undoubtedly changed these days where people love to brag about how busy they are. It is now seen as a status that is adored and respected. Remember being busy doesn’t mean that you are productive. Having commitments doesn’t make you great.

The conversations these days are like these.

“Hey! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Hey, I am so much busy with my works and you know right I have got a new job as a manager.”

“Yeah, I heard from my friends! Congrats”

“Thanks. So what do you do?”

“I haven’t had time since I became the research head in a multinational company. I am more important there. So many schedules and meetings, all managed because of me.”

“Oh yeah, I can get that about being busy! But I am married and have kids to take care of. It is so hard to spend time for myself. Thank god that you haven’t married. I have to manage both my work and family which makes me damn busy.”

This Ain’t Right

I don’t understand why we intentionally keep bragging about being busy. If you can observe this conversation, you will understand that people love to boast about having works to do and how everything would stop as if that person is not there.

Oh! Come on, the Earth will continue to revolve even when you are not in here. So stop bragging about being busy.

Being busy is not a status

Speaking about not having time to sleep, eat and do exercises is not something to be proud of. If someone says like this to me, I would be like “Are you out of your mind or what? How can you not have time for taking care of yourself?”


For example, let us say you are booking an appointment with a local salon. The receptionist might say that “We only have two slots available, and they are at 2Pm and 5Pm. Which would be comfortable for you?”.

Even if the hairdresser is not busy, the receptionist would say something like this to give you a feeling that you are booking an appointment with a much needed professional. You will never forget the timing and you may even end up there before time.

Why do things like this happen?

Its all based on looking busy rather than being busy. At present people love to look at busy people. This often creates a false image of making a person look more productive, successful, creative and in demand of.

It even gets worse when people interact with one another. They keep speaking about being busy and how they are in demand of rather than how productive they were. This needs to stop right now.

Why is it dangerous?

You might say that “I really am busy with my works and so I say that i am busy.” I am not complaining about you being busy. What I am trying to say is the society has changed you by presenting you misleading impressions on being busy. If I am busy, I am more in demand than others. Which gives me a sense of recognition and status.

This is insanely stupid.

We are competing for the “Best Fool Award” and the society is patting back on us for drowning. We are losing time and connections that we could have made while we were bragging about being busy.

Sometimes people who try to approach you would even step back thinking that you are too busy to respond them.

You are losing connections, Mate!

This is not what you expected to happen. Wait there are real people who are busy and are productive. This is to people who think that doing something that eats up their time makes them productive.

Trust me it isn’t taking you any way up.

How to stop this Addiction?

Technology has a major role in making us feel busier. Speaking to a person in Whatsapp and posting on Instagram doesn’t make you busy. Being on a call with someone for a long time is not a sign of being productive. It is not! When was the last time you sat on a couch and spend time with your family without posting about being busy and complaining about not having time?

I suggest you spend time with your loved ones and your family. Give it a try and you would realize how much you have missed these years.

Focus on the outputs that you have given rather than the time that you have spent. What is most important is the impact that you create. Stop being busy and start being Productive.

How do you all manage your time? Let me know in the comments

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