Being busy, you might have put a lot of energy in a week. Then finally one day you turn back and wonder where all the time has gone. You might feel like you have put a lot of time in the work but there was no productivity. Today’s world has many ways to be busy but only a few ways to be productive.

We are often busy about speaking how busy we are rather than how productive we can be.

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Now that you have realized that being productive is more important, Here are the five proven ways to follow for Stop being busy and to start being Productive.

1.Work First Phone Next

When I was introduced to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, I would always check my phone for any new notifications in the early morning itself.

It was very normal for me to open the chatbox thinking of what are the new messages that came my way. It even feels good to receive a simple Good Morning text from my contacts. Those were days before.

Now I don’t rush to see if I have got any new messages because of these reasons.

1) A good text can brighten up your mood. In the same way, certain texts or no texts can disturb you. They do have the potential to ruin your entire day.
2) After sleep, your mind is all fresh and new. You should put that energy into planning things and not in what to chat or what to post.
3) Once you have entered there is no coming back to your normal schedule as these apps have made us addicts.
4) You will become lazy and may even start postponing things for the sake of chatting with someone.
5) You are just busy but not productive, as these apps disturb you in all sort of way from offers to notifications

The thing is we often misuse available opportunities. And Social Medias have made it even more, easier for us to get deviated. Reduce the usage of cell phones during the times of work. Of course, you will be in need of your phone if you are a business woman but that doesn’t give you the right to waste your precious time.

Think Darling! Think before you use your Phone!

2. Prioritize List

There arise new beginnings every day where you have a lot to accomplish. Being productive is much needed in both the professional and Personal life rather than being busy.

Always prioritize things and list out them. Take the most important things and make them as your first priority.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka

3. Do not Multitask

You can do one great thing at a time if you want to be productive. There are two main reasons that we tend to multitask things.

1) You think that you don’t have time.

When we are in a competitive world like this we are tempted to do multitasking, thinking that we could complete all at a time. Sadly, you end up in vain as you could not even complete a single task.

Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive
Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

2) You want yourself to be busy.

As I have said in my previous post being busy is completely different from being productive and successful. Try to stop the urge that is driving you to be busy and multitasking. If you have too many works to focus try segmenting them and start doing the portions of work one by one.

4. Stop Comparing

We all tend to compare ourselves to others who are busy and successful. If you have keenly noted they would have been productive and not busy. First thing, that you need to fix in your mind is everyone’s life is different. It’s up to each and everyone to find their productive time of the day or week. We all have different schedules so don’t compare yourself.

Comparing yourself is not gonna help you in being productive unless you use it in the right way. Comparing is yet another reason that people tend to be stressed. Your progress and their progress are totally different. Drive the energy and time you spend on your work and you will realize the productivity in you.

5) Inspect Yourself

Have you finished the task that you wanted to complete, Or did you just have another busy day? You should never ever cheat to yourself. Honestly inspect your progress and consider taking notes to improve your progress. In order to be productive, you should learn from your flaws. Discipline in work progress is the golden key to be productive.

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