It is 2018 and I see many people speaking about Gender Revolution. Many women complaining about teaching sons to respect women.

Can I ask you something people? You have been telling this for a lot of years and have you found any change?

You might have two different answers. Either a YES or NO.

If your answer is YES, it’s time for you to read the blog.

If you said a NO, Congratulations! I wrote this for you.


Men, I want you to know that we understand you. Our society has always been ready to blame you for mistakes that you haven’t committed.

(Let us leave those men who had been bad and made you stand in a position like this)

I know men who have always supported Women. But in this Transition Period, even these men are afraid of supporting us. With this Gender revolution they are afraid of taking a step that could be misunderstood. They are good guys who don’t want their names to be listed as Bad. They don’t want their names to be in the #Metoo Movement. Right Guys?

 *Claps For You*

Let me tell you an incident from my real life It was in my 9th grade that we happened to know about the horrible rape case of Nirbhaya.

Knowing about the incident most of my classmates got aggravated, many pitied and some of them even spoke for her.

Trust me the first to speak up was a boy from my class. He couldn’t withstand his feelings about the incident that had happened. Do you think he could have spoken like that without having respect for the Womanhood?

Hold on ladies, I never said all men are like him. We aren’t in heaven to have only the good and pure souls around us.

In the same way, We are not in Hell. Do you get me? Not all men are bad.

Women Can’t Stand Alone Fighting For Equality in this era of Gender Revolution

Being Women, we have fought most of our lives speaking about gender revolution, equality and freedom of women.

Equality, Have we attained it fully? That ends up to be a big question mark.

When speaking of feminism and Gender revolution we can’t just sit inside a room full of feminists and speak of it.

Creating a Facebook group for women or speaking about the gender revolution in organizations are not going to bring us the results.

Men Are Not Our Enemies When It Comes To Gender Revolution

When speaking of gender equality I don’t want you to go out to places and speak about gender roles and discrimination.

What I want you to do is, to extend a hand to those genuine men who want to help us and Respect those men who support us.

I know you might have felt many inequalities in your life from your very own home to your workplace.

Remember these were not created by Men as individuals but due to the age-old patriarchy. It is time to change your thoughts on Men.

Because you were taught

  • Men are strong and women are weak.
  • Men can be dangerous and will take advantage of you.
  • Men can do whatever they want and women should not.
  • Men will be the breadwinner of a family and women are meant to be house-wife.

I hope all these are familiar to most of us. This is what our system has taught us.

Why did they fail to teach us that

  • Men and Women are Equals.
  • Men are strong and so are you.
  • Men can be a great support for women.
  • Men are Protective and can be your savior.

Relatable isn’t it? Yes, it’s time for us to bring forth the change.
Let us teach girls that they should respect and cherish Men.

Here’s How to teach your daughters to respect Men

I searched for articles on teaching daughters to respect boys and men.

What I found was shocking.

There were a very few posts on this topic. Rather I found posts on “How to teach your son to respect women”.

I am proud to say that Girl With Brains is the first blog that has been written about the necessity of teaching girls to respect men.

Here you go with tips to teach your girls to respect men.

Palnner for the gender revolution
3 simple ways to teach your kid to respect Men

1) Building Values

Kids are like clay. They are bought up by the way you shape them.

When you introduce good values to them in their small age, they will inculcate it and will not face any difficulties in the future.

As a parent, you should make them realize that Respecting others is important no matter what gender they are.

2) Maintain the Equilibrium

Let your child know not only the negatives but also the positives about Men. Teach them that they are respectable human beings.

Give them an example from your family. Tell them that their grandfather is a caring man, her father is a trustworthy man, her brother will turn into a respectable man.

3) Be a Role Model

Speaking of the gender revolution, it is equally important for women to show changes in the way they treat men.

Children always follow their parents. So it is important that you respect men and speak good about them. Be a good role model.


It is not only women who suffer due to these pressure of gender roles but also Men. They face many problems in their life because of these. They are expected to be tough and to remain unemotional.

Dear boys, you have your freedom to cry. Crying doesn’t make you weak. You needn’t behave like a tough guy if you aren’t one. Be a kind person and the world will love you more.

Masculinity may be defined as a quality of being tough but what makes you the best is being a human. You have your right to be happy, you own your emotions and you are the only person who decides about it.

Dear girls, boys are not your enemy. They never took your freedom away. It is those age-old customs that did. Never question your strength. If you like racing more than dance, go ahead grab a bike.

There is no such thing as being a girl you should not do this. Respect Men and they will respect you. You are what you are and never give the deciding authority to someone else.

If you like this post share it with your friends and family. According to google analytics this post is likely to be read more by Women than Men. This post is written using my thoughts and intuitions. If you feel anything could be included or changed feel free to contact me. 

98 thoughts on “It’s Time To Teach Girls To Respect MEN. Here’s How”

      1. Firstly i think i should give you big hand for your out of box thinking….keep doing this …and also can even more detail about the hardships faced by men in the name of masculinity

  1. Seriously aishu did a grt job on ur blog keep doing it and plzz add this to ur next blog that what is feminism some of the girls and boys also think that girls wearing short dress or drinking smoking and using other drugs doing things on their own makes them strong and they think that it makes them feel strong and they feel better in this society . And they think that a man can only be a lover of some girl ,but instead if they think a man as their brother or a trust worthy frnd like their father any man will surely lend a hand in supporting her . I have thought many times coz of some basterds the society thinks ill of every man .hatts off to u for ur work in respecting men .u r one of a kind aishu .i am really happy to get a frnd like u .i never thought one of ma frnd will start this revolusion for men

    I just said what i thought in the above so if there’s anything wrong that i have mentioned i am extremely sry frnd

    1. Hey Vicky,
      Am so happy that you wrote this comment from the bottom of your heart. Trust me, this is the best comment i have ever got! So honest.I understand the way men are treated because of some other’s fault. I am not a person who thinks that Gender equality is only needed for women. I know that both genders are facing problems.
      I will surely address the issues in my further blog. Keep supporting!

  2. This is the best thing you could currently write about keep this going gal you’re doing a great job! Proud of you❤️

  3. Something out of box and u r amazing Keep going and shine bright! Girl power aishuAll the very best for ur page and eagerly waiting fr more updates!!

    1. Hey ❤️ I am so happy about your comments! Do read and share the posts so that everyone get to know about this! Will surely update you with upcoming blogs and Ebooks.

  4. Hey aishuuu.!! As i said before yu are juz really amazing and doin a grt job….keep gng girl ….our support is there fr yu always and expecting more like these frm yu.!

  5. Great Aishu (GIF) …one of my this post and keep rocking..i’ll always be with u nd supporting you aishvarya karthikeyan…..eagerly waiting for ur next blaster.

  6. doggieee it’s really amazing!!….it’s high time for all the parents to teach their girls to respect men (no offence here :)).. keep going doggie love you❤

  7. I’m happy that someone came forward to speak up for men.
    I just personally think that women shouldn’t try to prove that they can do whatever men can. I would say that women are created to do whatever men cannot. Don’t lose your uniqueness while trying to do whatever men can. Thanks!

  8. Well done Aish….. Everyone should respect every other one, inspite of gender, age, status. You are right, Men are the first one in supporting women empowerment through actions unlike mere speaking. In buses, I always spot a gent in providing seat for pregnant lady without any delay. So please donot underestimate or misunderstood anyone guys.
    Congrats Aish! for this revolutionary movement…
    Only thoughts lead to actions. These actions will definitely build a beautiful society ever.

  9. I’ve been browsing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
    It’s pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you
    did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before.

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