I have been seeing numerous individuals whine about their looks and relating it to their motivation of living. Truly, do you figure wonderful appearances can get by in this world in an issue freeway?

Do you think that ugly faces are not worth to live? Who showed us these distinctions?

For what reason do we have to contrast ourselves as well as other people?

Everyone would have confronted with this. I had also been a victim of this widespread disease, but now I have recovered from it know that beauty isn’t a standard that defines us.


I am writing this to make sure that every single one of you to feel the genuine wonderful you.

I truly ask why individuals are so glad when others suffer. People make others suffer, they watch them suffer, then they feel frustrated with them to confront those sufferings. Later, the person who giggled at everyone, who arranged the general population suffer, will wind up suffering. Everyone understands that this is a common cycle happening.

We all know this proverb quite well“ AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP” We understand their values but why aren’t we implementing it when it comes to our lives?

Usually, a person who is unattractive and is plain looking is addressed as UGLY. While in contrast a person who has exquisite features and is alluring is addressed as BEAUTIFUL.

Evolution of the term BEAUTY

The word ‘beauty’ traces its origin roughly to the 12th century. During the process of evolution of mankind this word had faced rejection by the 20th-century artists and philosophers but eventually ‘beauty’ became an important value in everyone’s life. Psychologists say that beauty is a combination of charisma, intelligence, character, elegance in the case of women and strength in the case of men and integrity.

The measures of excellence have been continually changing as per the improvements and social values. Usually, people who are young with well-constructed features, having a perfect shape and great composition is thought to be wonderful all through history. This makes a disappointment when it’s not accomplished.

Do you know that you are BEAUTIFUL?

Many of us want to trade certain features of us with someone who is perfect according to your eyes. We frequently contrast ourselves with individuals who are physically appealing to us. We also come up with these questions,

‘How I want to be wonderful as her’

‘How I want to be attractive as him’

‘My life would have been greatly improved on the off chance that I was her/him’.

Researchers found that many people believe in what others say about them. If someone says you are beautiful you believe in yourself to be beautiful and if someone criticizes you, on the way you dress, on the way you look, you start believing it and will attempt to look presentable for their eyes.


Regardless of what somebody says you ought to trust that you are delightful. Regardless of what you look like thin/fat, you are beautiful. Even the lacking and expansion of flesh in your body makes you one of a kind.

Just because you are short doesn’t mean that you aren’t appealing you have the ability to reach the heights with the inner confidence.

Being too tall, that’s an asset you have always been standing out from the crowd. That’s not something to feel for.

Having a dull complexion, you should feel pleased with the immunity power that you have, You folks are simply the fix.

Everything has a decent and an awful side. Why do you generally take a look at the awful side when you have numerous positive things in and around you?

Your Imperfections Define the real YOU

You ought to be pleased with the imperfections that characterize you. Each scar has distinctive stories to tell. Change the method for your thinking. Improve your posture, speaking skills, mannerisms, build your confidence. Get a good physique by eating healthy foods, refresh your body and mind with simple yoga and exercises.

Make Bold Decisions

Don’t be afraid to make decisions even for simple things. Maybe you are a soft person but don’t fail to understand that there is a strength in softness. I have also written a blog on that topic

Here you go with the link : https://girlwithbrains.com/strength-in-softness/

If you want to have short hair,go make a bold move, cut it short.

One thing to be sure is no matter how you look physically there will always be a color that suits you, an outfit that will look as if it’s designed exclusively for you and a pose which suits you. Find these out.

Have a role model who is, in reality, an icon in their personality and not a person who looks outwardly attractive. On the off chance that you are feeling terrible the issue is with you, its on the grounds that you have clearly judged yourself on your looks and maybe it won’t be a shock in the event that you judge others on their looks.

Your life isn’t just about beauty, apart from this, there are a lot of imperative things that you should be worried about.

Beauty is just a Part of your life

There will be some days when you look exhausted, you may have a terrible hair day, your dress wouldn’t have been a right fit for you, the cosmetics won’t suit you and you are simply feeling crushed about everything. But recall It’s simply some days and not every day.

Beauty is just to give you an inward quality for yourself which boosts your confidence and not demolishes. Beauty is simply a part of your life and not your LIFE.


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