NOTE: Kindly read all the details before you send a guest post.

Want to become a guest blogger in one of the growing blogs? Write guest posts for us!

Girl With Brains is one of the budding blogs that has captured the attention of many people in a short span of time.

Benefits of writing Guest Posts for Girl With Brains

  • You will get a chance to voice out your opinions.
  • Your post will be promoted in all our social media platforms.
  • This work will stand as a legacy of yours.
  • You can also give a link that connects to your website.

How can you be a guest post contributor?

To become as a contributor in Girl With Brains, you will need to follow certain things.

First of all, this website is one of my valuable project which holds my 3 months of hard work. So I want you to keep up the standard or quality in your submissions.

Write contents that are mainly focused on giving value to our readers.

Here are a few categories that you can choose for writing

  • Work and Women – You can choose to write which job is best suitable or why it is necessary for women to have jobs and so on
  • Motivation – Write about women or a girl who inspired you.
  • Health – Starting from maintaining Women’s Health to Preventing diseases
  • Beauty Hacks – You have a lot of topics to write about in case of this topic

What are the posts that we expect from you

  • Listicles – Eg: Top 6 Beauty Hacks for Looking Young
  • Explainer – Provides details about the topic you have chosen
  • Step by Step instructions post

Rules to Follow for Guest Post


Copying another person’s work is not entertained.

No copying items that you have written already in your blog or have posted somewhere in online.

Even a single line that you take from someone will be noted.In case you have submitted any plagiarized content, you will be notified by us.

Do it again and your work is rejected.


Writing a post will never be enough until it has some images. Use Images that are stock free.
You can use websites like pexel for reference.
No images that are held for copyright will be used!


Small Paragraphs are encouraged.
Two or three lines can be in a paragraph. Not more than that.
Even one sentence is fine.
Short sentences are simple and easy to read. They help the readers to be focused.


The post can be anywhere between 500 to 1500 words.


We understand your interest in writing blog posts for us. After your blog gets published, you will have to answer any queries or comments related to your published article.


Submit your works at

Email Sub: Guest Blogging at Girl With Brains

In the body, you can mention the title of the post and your details. Submit it in the form of word document.

Still Having Questions?
Feel free to speak to me. I read every message sent my way!

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