By landing on this page, I appreciate your interest in knowing me and my blog Girl With Brains.

Hey! This is Aishvarya Karthikeyan. Let me be honest, I am a person who loves entertaining people and has the vision to become a successful businesswoman. Sounds different right? A person who wants to do both. Haha, Maybe that’s why am different.

About Me 1

Wait I forgot to say something I love dogs and if you plan to surprise me on June 3rd, You know what to buy.

I am from Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. I started blogging before 7 months as a hobby and an interest in Blogger and other platforms. And Guess what now you have landed into Aishvarya Karthikeyan’s very own Website. Wait let me pat on my back for this improvement.

Motivation that led to Girl With Brains

While I was writing blogs in there I got many comments such as You are good at writing, The works were impressive, You have a long way to go and Maybe you should start a blog by yourself. These were the motivation that inspired me to start a self-hosted blog “Girl with Brains“.

I have also shared a few screenshots of my friends saying about my blog in my instagram profile. Yeah guys, if you are reading this, YOU MADE ME DO IT and am so happy for getting friends like you. So Encouraging!! If you are gonna ask me Are we the only one? Nope, There are these people who stood by my side.

MY FAMILY Needless to say, My father gave me the confidence, with which I am walking. He taught me to face failure and helped me reach success. My mother had always been the source of inspiration. She made me realize that Women are stronger and trust me, she is my Wonder- Woman. Despite all the struggles they faced they brought me well and am thankful for you and your support. My sister always wanted me to write her homework, letters, and essays. She trusted my drawings skills and used to give me all her record works and Projects. Thanks, Deepu you made me feel confident about my skills.

I got motivated by a passionate blogger, Nirmala. You could find her when you search for the top women bloggers in India. That’s how I found her. She was so friendly and helped me learn about blogging basics.

About My Girl With Brains

Girl With Brains is a blog that is gonna have an impact on your life by writing on the topics that are gonna fascinate you and motivate you. This blog was created on 20th November 2018 by me. I want to empower women and help people. With all these social concerns only I started this blog.

About Me 2

Why the name Girl With Brains?

I know, I know you might be wondering why Aishvarya had chosen this name. Oh come on, I am a girl and I would love to help all those girls. Wait, the main purpose is that I want to make sure that everyone understands that we are not just girls but a girl with brains. Calling me a Feminist? I don’t care. Because what matters is “We are all Equals” and We should help everyone grow together.

Here is Something About My Blogging Journey

As I said earlier I am a content writer and have written more than 100 articles for various companies and blogs. This helped me with my writing skills. When I was new to blogging. Everything was like solving a mathematical problem (I HATE MATH ). But i learned and am learning still to give the best for my audience. Trust Me Blogging is not as easy as you think unless you are a techie and have guidance. I have almost spend a week creating this blog and now am happy to share this with all of you.

Wait I am not that old I am still studying. Yeah, I am a final Year student studying English Literature. And now that you are a part of my journey and have taken 2 minutes to read who I am, I want to give you a big hug and say Thank You. Thanks for trusting me and my blog and reading all these I have written.

If you really wanted to know more about me and contact me feel free to mail at And you can connect with me through Social Media with the links I have given above on my Homepage.

Looking forward to great things,